Welcome to The Postgraduate and Scholarships Department at King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital, Princess Noura, which is looking to be recognized as a world class regional reference in the field of women’s health, adolescent health, and child growth and development by 2030. Through this website, we will provide information on medical education programs, scholarships, and admission requirements.

Who we are?

The Postgraduate and Scholarship Department supervises all training and fellowship programs (subspecialty) at King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital. It also supervises internal and external scholarships in medical, nursing, and allied health programs. It aims to provide a high-quality training in professional environment based on respect, justice and equality, with the aim of graduating clinically and scientifically qualified national cadres prepared to lead the future and serve the nation.

Our Mission:

The Department of Scholarship and Postgraduate is committed to achieve the mission of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital by achieving excellence in medical education and graduating qualified and competent medical and health care providers, who are committed to provide the highest level of respectful and patient-driven care in a safe and healing environment

Our Vision:

  • To achieve excellence in medical training and education and providing a safe and stimulating training environment
  • To gran internal and external training opportunities for graduates of health colleges
  • To provide leading and safe medical services by applying the highest standards of supervision and training

To apply:

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